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Daragon & Topbom at the Party ! :D

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Springtempo - Requested by top-pa

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AU MEME: SpringTempo as a Dutch and Duchess.

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idol tales part 2: the little mermaid

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topbom cartoon

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You’re my melody, 

I’ll perform for you (on & on)

You are my song, the soundtrack of my life.

You’ve lit up the stage of my life. I love you. (I’ll sing it again)

You’re my song.

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anon asked: “can you post springtempo edits pretty please?”

only because you asked so nicely.

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KVIPs said TOP and Bom were spotted on the night of September 14 having DINNER, only the TWO of them at Gecko in Jeju Island.


I was expecting a picture of Bom in a bikini but this was fine too.

Credit: 21-fresh@twitter 

All of these rumors/fan accounts circulating around will be my death. DON’T RAISE MY HOPES UP SO MUCH! But then again if this is true…if all of these accounts are true…

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