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suho please teach your maknae how to bow properly.

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If Suho and Kris swapped groups.
- Suho: : Guys, let's-
- Xiumin and Luhan: : Don't tell your hyungs what to do >:D
- Tao: : I DUN WANNA, BBUING BBUING~~~ *mehrong*
- Lay: : *oblivious*
- Chen: : *comforts Suho* Hyung, it's okay, it's okay, don't cry.
- ...
- EXO-K: : *wild animals*
- Kris: :
- EXO-K: :
- Kris: : Good.



xiumin helping tao before the fansign

Tao’s diary that day:
We had our fansign in Korea today. Oppa helped me with my pens.

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